To not over distract, sometimes the only thing that a woman needs to look sexy is a basic white shirt and a pearl earring; sleeves rolled up and one or two (or three) buttons open to reveal a touch of bare décolletage makes for sexy simplicity. Shot by my friend and fellow blogger Zak Walton of Walton&Wang  in a beautiful loose linen shirt in the whitest of whites. I have to say these types of outfits relieve stress for me, not having to worry if its too much or to little, falling in the perfect category of delicate detail and effortless comfort.
The only other accessories that I adore are a mens style watch giving a little edge and a simple pearl earring, not to distracting but sits just right.
A great thing about this look is, the fact that brand or designers doesn’t matter, a white shirt will be a white shirt, cheap or expensive; it will do the same job. The pearl earring plays the same part – unless you insist on them being real pearls of course-.

Girlwiththepearlearing_1 Girlwiththepearlearing_2 Girlwiththepearlearing_3 Girlwiththepearlearing_4 Girlwiththepearlearing_6

Photography by Zak Walton 

  • So simple and elegant. I love it!

    • Uptown Style

      Thanks, just what a women needs!

  • Emma Walker

    Such pretty pictures love the earrings!
    Emma| With A City Dream

  • So true! A classic white look is always good idea. Beautiful photos 🙂

    • Uptown Style

      Thanks you… easy and simple x

  • Bianca Suciu

    Great look and pics! I love simplicity and I always think less is more
    Kisses, Bianca 🙂

    • Uptown Style

      Totally agree with you Bianca, a girl should be two things, classy and simple !

  • Thanks for following me on Bloglovin. I’m a new follower of yours too:) I completely agree about peal earrings. They’re SO classy!