If you’re anything like me, the end of the year is typically spent indoors, gathering with friends and flitting from shop to shop getting the latest autumn cosy clothes (those sales are a killer). During this time, it never really crosses my mind about how to be productive in winter, or how to make the most of the colder months. And as we’re now in autumn, I feel like I’m not working to the best of my abilities, and letting my productivity slip; don’t you feel the same? I find it so easy to lose sight of my daily and yearly goals, especially starting summer with so many health and fitness plans, now its cold I’m more into feeling cosy and chilled. It’s hard to believe that this year is actually in its final few months! AHHHHH! But it’s not over yet, so read on to remind yourself of all you can get out of the next two months and how to be on top of the game for next year.

Longer evenings… Make the most of them: The days may be shorter, but the evenings are longer, this just means you can make sure you’re using the evenings as well as you can! Romantic dates, cosy evenings with friends and that extra you time. It really does make you feel like you’re getting more done and having a long day.

Tackle those unfinalised  New Years resolutions: I can hardly remember what my New Years resolutions were this time last year. Can you? If you have managed to tick off all your 2017 new year’s resolutions, CONGRATS! You must tell me your secret.  But much like everyone else, it’s so easy not to getting around to accomplishing some (or all) by this time. Remember though, the year’s not over yet. It’s the perfect time to set some manageable small goals for yourself and make sure to accomplish them.

Organise new adventures: Trips aren’t just for summer, especially short getaways and weekends away’ they can be a treat. It’s always satisfying to ticking a new country off the bucket list while doing fun and exciting things. If you’re worried about the money towards the end of the year, start budgeting for Christmas now and you don’t have to worry later!

Explore something new: If you don’t start it now, when will you? If you want to get ready for a marathon, join a gym, do something good for the world or take up a new hobby, there’s no time like the present. Make it happen! Just think of the head start you’ll have on everyone else beginning in January.

Embrace Party season: It’s when the clocks go back that you realised how close to Christmas we are. Not everyone likes how early Christmas celebrations begin each year. But there’s nothing like all the parties and festivities they bring. Come mid-November, the party season will be in full swing, so make sure you have your party dress and get out there and have some fun!

Reflect on the year so far: The older you get, the more you realise how quickly the year’s pass by. It’s easy to worrying about what you haven’t done this year instead or reflecting on all that you have achieved. Start a journal or a list of what you’ve actually done so far, the list is probably longer than you realise. If it has been a tough year for whatever reason, try to leave it in the past, get some closure and move forward into the new year. Positivity thrives positivity.

Plan something for next year: Just a few more months and were stepping into a new year. What excites me the most about that is all the amazing opportunities, challenges, and great things will happen. By planning, you’ve got something to look forward to, and work harder to get to!

Get organised for 2018: I find the best way to transition into a new year is get organised a few months ahead of the supper busy party session. This could be sorting out paperwork, throwing out some old clothes or even re-decorating. Just think how refreshing it will feel to wake up to 2018 with an organised life.


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  • Excellent tips! I am already making plans and goals for next year. I am trying to make the most of my time and be productive!