Lover of simple details, these gold beauties have really gotten me dancing on my toes, they are so delicate and sophisticated. Accessorizes’ new range of gold plated hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings by  Zara Simon is this season’s favourite goodies to purchase; I mean I’ve already bought half of her collection, and please don’t stop me getting the rest.
Gold Delicates _3 We are in the gold obsession session (I’m obsessing a whole bunch actually), and what better way to keep with the trends then wearing a new delicate statement shiner around your neck. And look, the Z Crystal Bar Necklace   go’s so darn well with just a plain white T, we step from simple to a whole lot of fashionista.
Gold Delicates _2_1 Yet we can’t let all the shine distract us from this cool pair. They have just the right amount of drop, to give it that extra edge to a pair of earrings. Ever since I bought the Spike Studs  I can’t seem to get enough, practical and trendy in one.

Gold Delicates _4

If you haven’t already spotted them, go go go, whatcha waiting for, they must be worn at all times. Click here for the full collection.