We all have a duty to do what feels right for us, and if being an afternoon person is the right thing for you, then you shouldn’t feel pressure to be a morning person!

No matter how much you love/hate your job, you’ve probably experienced the morning blues. It might be a recurring thing you feel, or it’s just how you like to be in the morning and you can’t change that. I’ve been there when your bed is so comfy, it’s raining outside, and you really don’t want to face the world. But what if it’s sunny, a great day is awaiting you yet the blues are still there and knowing that you want to be ‘this bubbly and full of life’ morning person only adds extra pressure making you feel even worse!

Ever since I can remember, mornings and I have never seen eye to eye, but knowing that about myself has allowed me to approach my mornings in a different way – calm, relaxed and quiet making me feel happier!  I might be a little moody, but hey who isn’t until they’ve had their coffee!

I know the struggle is real, so I’ve gathered my top 3 reasons Why It’s Not Important To Be a Morning Person, so you can start the day (and week), feeling happier, relaxed, and ready to make some serious #girlgoals without the extra pressure to be perfect and bubbly all the time! 

1. Night owl – Productivity increases at night…

This is definitely based on a study, new research has now found evidence of physical differences in the brains of different chronotypes, which means we’re all different, some are the ‘IT’ morning person, and some are lovers of the night. I totally agree too the lovers of the night! Only speaking from my own experience, some of my best work has come out from all-nighters and late nights ménage à trois with my laptop. So you see, it’s not that important to be a morning person when you kick butt during the night.

2. Accepting your fate…

One of the best quotes I have come across says”The best part about life? Every morning you have a new opportunity to became a happier version of yourself” and I can’t stress enough the truth in that! We all have the duty to feel happy, and if happy to you/me means accepting the fact you’re not a morning person, then you are already one step ahead to your happy afternoon. Take your mornings as they came, enjoy them as you wish and start your day without worries!

3. At the end of the day…

Just know that whoever is around you, loves you and likes you for who you really are, regardless of whatever your mood might be in the mornings. It’s Not Important To Be a Morning Person, it’s important just to be yourself.

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic, how are you guys in the morning?