Every face tells a story, from the life we live to the products we use… but when is the best time to change the story around and create a new chapter for your skin.

In theory, switching up your skin-care routine should be a walk in the park. You swap out your old stash for a cutting-edge new cleanser, moisturiser, and eye cream — and suddenly you look like a glowier, more even-toned version of yourself. Boom. That’s the dream. Sadly, though, that’s not the case for most of us until you introduce endless trials of products that you feel clearly don’t work and go back to your old skin care routine.

Each morning and evening I do the same thing: cleanse, tone and moisturise. Occasionally I’ll throw in a pore minimising mask or scrub, but it’s mostly the same humdrum routine. Lately, I’ve noticed how my skin isn’t looking as fresh and glowy as when I started to use these products, and that’s when I knew I needed to switch up the game in the products I was using. Luckily, Demalogica UK got in touch with me just in time with their new #MyFaceMyStory campaign and I instantly wanted to get involved!

Thier recommendation was to first get a Face Mapping® skin analysis – where you go see a professional which will carefully look at your skin and determine what products you need to be using from the Dermalogica range. Simple right? Well, it was that simple, really! For me, they recommended the following (products featured in this post) and I felt my skin change in the first 48 hours of using these products. 3 weeks on, even better results, they do what it says on the tin and using these products according to how the Dermalogica specialist recommended them I use, targeting the right areas of my skin!

Definitely, an experience I’ve wanted to share you with guys – here’s to a new chapter to my skin story!

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*Advertorial post brought to you by Dermalogica UK & Preen.Me