The Christmas Red Lip

The Christmas Red Lip
Make yourself fabouls
Because its Christmas, I though I might as well keep theme with the colour of this wonderful festive session..
This is the way I wear my rep lip….
You ready ? some cheesy selfies were needed for this post.. excuse the silliness
The Christmas red lip… Going all traditional with the red, some of my favourite products I’ve used over the years, and you can’t ever go wrong with a good quality lip brush to make the best of your red lip application !!! It will look cleaner and smoother !!!

The Christmas Red Lip

Clinique lip treatment

Estée lauder makeup

Nars cosmetic

Christian Dior makeup brush

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$30 –

Lipstick Queen lip pencil
$29 –

Clinique makeup brush

Clinique makeup brush

I’m wearing the  Yves Saint Laurent lips makeup  ( It go’s on very smoothly, works well matt or you can add a little sparkle like I did here ( like it better )
and… yes eyeliner.
I wear eyeliner almost everyday, if you have the right tool and liner to apply, it takes mins to. This is one of my favour makeup styles, it’s easy, flawless and straight to the point. Makes eyes look very feminine (makes me think of Marilyn Monroe). Depending on how you want it, thick, thin, natural …. There are all kinds of different eyeliners to go for.
Depending on your style, you can pick the right one for you.
Here I’ve got on the  Marc waterproof liquid eyeliner ( It stays on all day, and it really is waterproof, fantastic.
Just bellow I’ve assembled some eyeliner brands that I’ve tired over the years, its taken me a while till I found the one that I work with best.
So don’t feel disappointed if you can’t get you flicks or thickness evenly on both eyes, its practise; like most things till you get right!
Liner Eye
Liner Eye by uptown-style featuring M.A.C

Paul Joe waterproof eye liner
$24 –

Illamasqua toiletry kit
$29 –

Laura mercier makeup brush

$79 –

Stila black liquid eyeliner
$21 –

Rimmel black eye makeup
$4.89 –

M A C eyeliner
                                                                                            oh and