Perfume Talk


It’s became clear through my recent post that spring is one of my favourite sessions, things became brighter, sunnier and ditching the heavy knits while bring out the brighter hues in your wardrobe. However, it’s even better as you can now change your perfume to a more subtle and clean scent. Spring is particularly important because it is the season when nature comes back to life, this is one of the reasons most spring fragrances are built around green notes, flowers and fruits. Scent-wise, it is the moment when heavy, oriental fragrances are put aside, in order to make room to lighter and greener scents. As the temperature rises, we start wearing fewer layers of clothes, so strong projection is no longer mandatory.  Each season there should be several fragrances that are adequate for certain occasions. For example, you should have in your wardrobe several perfumes for summer nights and other scents for spring days. For now, floral perfumes are a good choice for this time of the year, but there are numerous others that you should consider when choosing a spring scent. SO, to make your choices even easier this spring, here are a few that I love and use daily, and some that I have yet to try!
1. Helmut Lang fragrance – £125 – barneys.com
2. Chanel fragrance – £87 – nordstrom.com
3. Byredo perfume fragrance – liberty.co.uk
4. Jo Malone fragrance – johnlewis.com
5. Dolce Gabbana perfume fragrance – £27 – bonton.com
6. Crabtree Evelyn perfume fragrance – £34 – beauty.com
7. Eight Bob perfume fragrance – conranshop.co.uk
8. Prada fragrance – selfridges.com
9. Clean perfume – £46 – beauty.com
10. Dolce Gabbana perfume fragrance – £65 – nordstrom.com
11. Chloé chloe perfume – £60 – nordstrom.com
12. Marc Jacobs fragrance – nelly.com