I’ve recently come back from one of the coolest trips to date around the east coast of the USA. Picture this,  convertible (yellow) Camero, city vibes, sun and to die for beach sunsets!  There will be a ton of photographs and posts on that very soon, promise. However, such a big trip requires organised thinking and packing, not only for your inflight carry on but also for keeping things light while living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks.

Half the battle is packing an easy accessible carry on, that will easily take you through a LONG 9 hour flight and coming out looking refreshed on the other side. The more I travel, the more I learn what’s necessary to pack and what will weight me down throughout the trip. Less is always a lot easier.

And because we are all going away on that ultimate holiday this summer,  I wanted to share my must haves that make it into my carry on when I travel. You don’t have to fly business to fly well and organised.

Most prized possessions always go in my carry on – just in case something goes astray with my main luggage, I now that I don’t have anything in there apart from clothes. My camera, iPad and a spare change of clothes can save the day when your luggage can be on the other side of the world!

Lifesaver Beauty bag 
My in flight beauty bag is a lifesaver. I always fly with no makeup or take it off as soon as we’re in the air, long flights and make up never mix with my skin. I always pack my rose water – to refresh my skin without using airplane water- a good water base skin hydrating cream and before I come off the flight, some concealer to cover tired eyes, little tester mascara and rosy blusher, so you have a fresh summer glow. And thats when people will wonder how you pulled off a 9 hour flight and still looking fresh and rested!

I always pack a book, but to be honest I never end up read it.  I get too excited about in flight movies and catching up on TV series. I do however make sure to always pack a notebook and pen for those moments of clarity and inspiration. I find I’m my most creative mid flight and you really need to make the most of those deep thoughts.

Sleep and relaxation 
Packing a good eye mask makes a world of difference.  Helps block everything else out so I can relax and catch some z’s, this will only make you look and feel more rested ! Throw in a neck pillow, and who needs business class siting- your set!

Now what are you waiting for.. get ready for that holiday !


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  • Great tips! Wonderful photos too. Love Girl boss. Such a great book!

    • Uptown Style

      Thanks Stephanie, I love that book, and its safe to say since I have finished it…. sadly it didn’t happen on my flight! HA

  • Candice

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with us!