Organise it! Clean out and make space for the new. A cluttered desk can mean a cluttered mind in my book. As I was cleaning and organising my desk in my home office the other day, I started to wonder what the state of our desks might say about the state of our minds.

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein once asked. It turns out that there might be something to his question. Even if I love my desk to always be a breathable space to work in, researchers have found that people with higher educational status, work experience, and salary tend to have messier offices or work spaces.

As for my own desk style, I find myself somewhere in the middle of the continuum. I love using to-do lists and having a clutter-free workspace, but somehow my desk always ends up covered in piles of handwritten notes, articles from magazines, and stacks of sticky notes. However, when I know I have a lot of work on my hands, to me, a cluttered desk clogs my thoughts, so I clean it all up and start fresh.

What does your desk say about you? Would you say that your office is matched to your personality and cognitive style?

Clearing out all of the old unwanted things off your desk and starting with a blank slate is a lot of work, but well worth it, consider how it will make spending time indoors that much more enjoyable; especially if you work from home.

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  • This is an interesting topic to think about. I know my desk is always messy. But I like it better when it is freshly organized. Your desk is beautiful btw.

    Girl Against Oleka

    • Uptown Style

      Its the best feeling when you have a clean work space to work in… makes things flow better ! Thanks for you awesome comment. <3

  • Really interesting post ! I guess that i’m somewhere in the middle too…it’s not too messy but definitely you can’t say that it’s organized ! But your desk…how beautiful,clean and organized look ^_^


    • Uptown Style

      Yea you are right, being in the middle creates great balance ! Oh thank you, its doesn’t stay like that for long after I organise it, but for the time its that clean I enjoy it 😀

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