I don’t know about you, but like everything in my life, having the same thing for a long period of time uninspires me, so I’m always in need of changing around the space I live and work in and what better way to do this, while we step into a new frostier (hopefully whiter) season. I thrive on simplicity and minimal space and these inspirational images I snatched from Pinterest are a perfect example of the space I want to create.  Images provided by Pinterest.

  • I would love to decorate my place all white with accent pieces but I’m so scared I’ll spill something or dirty my place! Though maybe having one all white room will satisfy my craving while still being able to mess my place up a bit!

    • Uptown Style

      Thats so totally true, I understand what you mean its happen to me plenty of times before where I feel bad for getting it dirty. But a the end of the day don’t work yourself over it.. it can always be washed or replace. Make sure not to buy expensive things, otherwise they might dig a hole in your pocket.

  • I love how crisp and clean this looks! So classy and elegant!

    • Uptown Style

      Indeed, theres an effortless attention to detail, it seems like things have been place there with no though and just looks good!

  • Love everything about these spaces. The black and white rug is great…on the search for one like it. Love your blog 🙂

    Xo Aubrie

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  • That is like a dream! I love how white can make a space appear much brighter, cleaner, and more open!
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    I love your content! Keep it up!
    Good luck!
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  • A good collection of images. The featured one is my favorite.