Favourite Winter Skin Care

Favourite Winter Skin Care


When it comes to make-up or skin care, the journey to finding what works for you can be a long and exhausting one. I have always been a big sucker for good beauty products, but good doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. I’ve devoted a few years to finding the right products that I enjoy and love using. Now that I have, I am more than excited to share these products; I highly recommend it!

Everyone’s skin is different, hence the reason why it’s such a journey to find the best products suited for your skin type. Saying this, there might be a chance that these products will not suit you, but who knows give it a try and it might work wonders on your skin; much better than it did mine. What I have realised, once using a skin product, not all might work over night, for many occasions the skin has to get used to the product first…. a routine of the same product, before you see any drastic results. Anyhow, these are my favourite winter skin care products, from  ‘Clinique‘.


‘Correcting Serum’s‘, ‘Moisture Surge’, ‘Anti-Blemish Solutions’ ,  ‘Clarifying Lotion’, ‘Makeup Remover’ and ‘CC Cream’ 

Clarifying Lotion
Extended Thirst Relief
Correcting Serum
Makeup Remover
CC Cream SPF 30
Anti Blemish Solutions


All girls at a young age have surely seen their mother make herself up, personally as I saw mine, she placed on makeup as if she was a gorgeous jewel. On the other hand, make up can do wonders but it certainly does not  make your skin feel better, but what it surely does is make a women feel more confident; enhances her best features. Even though make-up allows your small flaws to be hidden it can affect your skin, underneath it all your skin also needs care and nourishment.


{“A little application goes a long way”}

During my teen years,  I really neglected care for my skin and invested all my budget into drugstore quality makeup and skin care or anything that my girlfriends (best friends) would use, just because I didn’t know any different. After those years, I recently learned that a healthy cleansing and moisturizing routine is important, every morning and evening. Once I continually did this routine, I saw how the health and appearance of my skin changed drastically (in a few weeks)._DSC0279

Just last year  I dealt with acne, It was really annoying and my confidence didn’t last 2 steps out my door.  It was only until I began to see a dermatologist, who prescribed me the right products and also a lot of antibiotics…  From then my skin became quite sensitive, dry, delicate and is always in need of heavy hydration. Even until now  I am definitely NOT the girl who never gets a spot! The occasional spot usually appear after long trips, or junk food choices, even longer nights (or all nighters at university).


   { “These two products are amazing, the CC cream has SPF 30 it is smooth and creamy, also the make up remover is oily and it removes all of that nasty waterproof mascara or lipstick you had on the whole day”} 

Summing up my opinion about the whole skin care ordeal is that no matter how flawless you look with makeup or without makeup and whatever skin care product you use, beauty will always come from the inside and that is YOUR beauty.


Yes, I’m being all inspirational here, because it’s the truth!

It is your inner glow ladies (and gents), it is not only skin care that adds to your inner glow but it is the lifestyle and food that you are eating.


I am a night WORKAHOLIC, that means, I’ll do my best work and writing at night… (yeah its 2:45am now), I can be a little drained during the day and this is why I will get the occasional spot. Besides this, most processed foods are definitely an enemy for me; drinking sodas or eating chocolate bars (Yummy!) Food does not only affect your energy levels but how you take care of your skin.


Since I’ve understood that  I have tried to ban these products entirely from my diet. Not snacking on chocolate bars does help improve your skin and health… but I am human,  I LOVE my Nutella!

But no matter what, you can always make healthy decisions and change for the best.


I usually split my budget for make-up and skin care 50/50, sometimes its even less, as I don’t invest in to much make-up. But with that, it really does depend on the seasons since the most of these products usually last for quite a while (if used as instructed).

Since I’ve started using these products, I’ve perfected my routine and I am quite happy with it now.

You might ask yourself why I do use so many products, and I assure you, I don’t use them all at once…  One of the things I’ve noticed with my skin (yours might differ) is that it changes almost CONSTANTLY, for example,  there are days where it just needs nourishment, days were it needs something sooth applied, and days where it just wants to feel extra clean and purified.


For this exact reason I like Clinique, these products create a balance for me and my skin.  Super simple and easy. Depending on how my skin feels in morning or in the evening, I apply one of the 3 ‘Correcting Serum’s’.

So let’s put it this way : I don’t have a proper routine but I have some favourite products that I like to mix up whenever I feel like my skin needs something special. And yet I follow the same “steps” everyday, it’s just the products that will change. So the 2 ‘Correcting Serum’s‘, ‘Moisture Surge’ for that extra extended hydration to your skin, the ‘Anti-Blemish Solutions’ acts like a cleanser for your pores, a ‘Facial Soap’ non-drying bar soap maintains preps your skin for the exfoliating action of ‘Clarifying Lotion’ which helps close your pores and clear dead skin cells that clog them, and that will fully set me for the whole winter season.

I know… It’s a LOT.

But, I’ll be honest, I can’t wait to get home each evening to pamper and cleans my skin after a long day, its a really relaxing and enjoyable moment. Using  products that I enjoy and took the time to choose through, adds double to this experience.



Now my routine consists of 3 proper steps and it takes me approximatively 15minutes to finish everything.

I’ll start with the preparation of the skin every morning with cold water just to wake up my skin, and not open any pores (warm water open your pores), and wash with ‘Facial Soap’ (you can get this in bottled foam, its the exactly same substance just different format), I’ll then pat my face dry, and apply the ‘Clarifying Lotion’ gently with a cotton pad. This is my favourite step, it makes my face tighten up, and all the readiness (if I have any that morning) just disappears. Thirdly, depending on the mood of my skin, I usually go for the  ‘Anti-Blemish Solutions’, leave that to seep into my skin and dry, then if my skin is really dry, I’ll apply ‘Moisture Surge’ for the extra hydration before applying  CC Cream.

CC Cream and a little mascara, blush and lipgloss is what I need to get my through my day.

OH! I forgot to mention the amazing, ‘Makeup Remover’ for lids, lashes & lips, one drop and your free of that hard waterproof mascara or the way to RED lipstick that stained you lips.

Each day can be different, so its the time that you put into your skin that will get you closer to what works for you.

Well this was a read I bet, but I hope it all helps you  FEEL AMAZING today!

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