In between the sandals that where moved at the back of the closet, which I can no longer get away with wearing (darn weather), and those new boots that have recently been purchased, I stubbled across these fall beauties. Every now and then (and I’m sure I’m not the only women out there that has gone through this more then once or twice) you kind of forget you purchased or owned certain things in your closet, and when you come across them again, it’s like finding £10 in your back jeans pocket; feels so exiting. So now,  these puppies are out to play, and I can’t wait to strut my stuff in them.
Russell_and_Bromley_4 Russell_and_Bromley_1 Sadly these are from about two seasons back, however, Russell & Bromley do some amazing fall court shoe, so do go and check out there website here for more similar styles.


  • These really are the perfect fall heel! Love the simplicity but the detail on the top is beautiful.

    Pretty in Python

    • Uptown Style

      Its a very clean cut design, almost very minimal! I love that.. x