It’s officially that time of year again, 1st of December starting out with a chill. The air has turned a frosty cool, the leaves begin to loose the wonderful orange/red colour and naturally our minds turn to cold weather ensembles to keep all cosy. However, these changes in season are the perfect opportunity to look more in detail at your wardrobe, buying new things adding to your winter wardrobe or cutting things out to declutter last session items. In the last two weeks leading up to the end of the month, I have gone through a few stages of mini wardrobe preparation for the winter seasons. However, I couldn’t help myself but get some new things to satisfy my craving.
december_Obsession_3 december_Obsession_2 december_Obsession_1

  • Really love the boots and bag!

    • Uptown Style

      You should totally get a pair, I promise they won’t disappoint !

  • Love those boots! Recently took them on a trip to Portland and they were perfect 🙂

    • Uptown Style

      Oh I know, aren’t they just the best! They fit like a glove and I really don’t want to take them out, they seem to be great in snowy weather to which is a massive plus !

  • I’m so glad it’s December! It’s such a magical month! I love those booties too!

    • Uptown Style

      Me to, christmas is around the corner and new seasonal things to wear, it will be a great month !

    • Uptown Style

      Thank you so much, love your blog and content. Keep it up xx

  • Emma Walker
  • Adore your mini bag, looks so stylish with the fringe details in deep green color!


    Printed or Plain

    • Uptown Style

      Thank you, its supper adorable and it really does go with everything just because its that deep green colour! You should get it .