A healthy, natural and balanced skincare routine is something that I obsess over. I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve my skin and one surprising ingredient can be found in your kitchen cupboard, let’s go loco for coconut water.

Coconut can help replenish dehydrated skin when applied as coconut water or through body butters, scrubs or old fashioned coconut oil. It contains amino acids which will immediately hydrate your skin. However, it needs to be on your skin long enough to make a difference, so that’s why I combined the amazing Detoxifying Facial Mask from TruSelf Organics that is in a powder form and mixed it with fresh coconut water to create a mask. The mix of coconut water and organic Detoxifying Facial Mask will soften and smooth skin texture, as well as, awaken your skin –perfect for when you’ve just come off a long flight or had a long day. It can even help with skin pigments and any little bumps threatening to develop into spots! They virtually VANISH!!!

The TruSelf Organics powder is an all natural organic way to fight acne and wrinkles. Ever since my first application, I’ve used it, without fail, two times a week and sometimes 3. Using it consistently I have found that it makes my skin brighter, tighter and I’m starting to see less blackheads around my nose with smaller pores on my cheeks and jawline.  The mixture draws out toxins from pores making any skin type look more smooth, toned, and clear. No make up for me !!  That alone is great for your skin, but to really get the maximum benefits of this mask combo, you’ll need two more things, relaxation and time.

RELAX, take the time you have the mask on as some love and care for yourself,  you’ll not only see great results but you’ll also feel better too.

TIME, there is never enough of it, however, I always set aside 10-20 min out of my day to take care of my skin. I love to leave this mask on for as long as possible, the mixture not only works better the longer you leave it on, but also works as a funny surprise for friends and family when they call you on FaceTime!

Give it a go, you won’t regret it.


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*Advertorial post brought to you by Detoxifying Facial Mask from TruSelf Organics*