Beach High – outfits that will take you through the heat with a cool breeze

Beach High – outfits that will take you through the heat with a cool breeze
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There are many ways life can keep you busy, in my case, summer trips and sunbathing are just a few of the things that’s kept me entertained and not being able to post anything.

I know, I know .. It’s been a while.  To make up for the fact, here’s my first post (of many to come) that gives you a little taste of the beachy summer we all long for.

Even if your summer plans this year don’t involve the beach, or you are to busy to take the all needed break, I am sure this post will  benefit your wardrobe.. Even for a city break.

The wonderful sunny and  holiday season is finally upon us, this means our wardrobes are hungry for some summer action, so, to make it easier for myself and you guys I’ve put together outfits and items for beach days, to a sailors lunch in and dinner, these will  take you through summer with a cool breeze. However, there is a little twist,  since we are not always willing, nor able (unfortunately), to spend big budgets on clothing and accessories, this post is all about what you can afford .. there are two sets to every section, things we might want but can’t afford and things we can get with a lower budget that look the same or even better! 

For about two years now I’ve been a working girl, even though I am still a student, I can say I am willing to afford more compared to a few years ago. But if you’re still a teenager, student, love things on a budget, or someone who’s a big fan of combining high-street with high-end fashion like I am, this is the perfect post for you. No more fashion troubles while only picking out the most costly pieces out of the racks, and no more ‘jaw-dropping’-moments in front of the store display windows.  Although you might be able to get all the luxury pieces you would want, take the challenge to mix and match items out of all these 3 sets (inspirational luxury pieces as well as more affordable items), and you’ll see how fun and stylish it can be! Lets all give it a go, I know I am!


Beach High £££/$$$

Simple and minimal beach wear.

Summer highs


Cool Change fringe kimono  £115 –  // Ripped jean shorts £23 – // Lisa Marie Fernandez bandeau bikini top £195 – // ALDO bracelet jewelry // Rag Bone black fedora £150 – // Sunglasses £110 – // Sky beach towel £35 –
Beach Low ££/$$
Oh how I love summer, the best session to keep it simple, basic and down to earth. In many ways, its breathable style. Now, the sun is shining and we all want to get out there and enjoy it, this post is all about summer easy wear. I’ve picked out the essentials that will scream vacay, beaches, tropical parties, cocktails, and water fun. Choose from summer-trends like: tropical, graphic and floral prints – sleek, light weighted, loose-fitted materials – ripped denim – crop-tops – last but not least beachy accessories like big floppy hats and  statement or round sunglasses. So you can pack your bags with these perfect loungy-comfy clothes for on the beach as well as party items for enjoying the beachparty-scene or summer festivals.
Here is a lower price range to same very similar items. 
Summer low

Sailer lunch £££/$$
And relax, here are some easy basic classy wear that will take you from the beach to the stylish classy sailing down the magical crystal waters.  Its easy and breathable, white will keep you cool on deck and the navy will just go so well with the sailor/nautical theme.


Sailing high

Sailor Lunch nr.2 ££/$$
Here is a lower price range to same very similar items. 
Here I have created two outfits, one that is more pricey then the other. Depending on your budget, you can create very similar outfits based on colour, material and theme.


Sailing low


Dinner / Cocktail Hour £££/$$$
For a more classy chic Saint-Tropez looking summery outfit go for neutrals and pastels in luxury fabrics together with some warm gold elements. Soft and silky pants or skirts with these statement sandals. With these items to choose from you will rock a sophisticated and womanly appeal during your sunbathing-to-shopping day. To keep that jetset-, cruise- and resort- feeling into your look and to show off during the night, put on some of these dazzling golden detail like a watch or a bracelet, and leave the straw hat behind.


Dinning high

Dinner / cocktail hour nr.2 ££/$$
We all know that white a gold go together like two peas in a pod, its effortless embellishment and you look like a million bucks even if your outfit is mixed and matched with hughstreet !
You can never go wrong with nude strap sandals, you can turn any outfit into a great outfit by adding a little inch or two,stand tall and stride out. It’s mostly about confidence. “Always wear your imaginary crown” and you’ll look fab!


Dinning low